Publications and patents

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Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Influence of a gravitational field on drop-on-coilable-fiber systems

    H. Elettro, S. Neukirch & A. Antkowiak

    In preparation (2017)

  2. Damage control through windlass mechanism in ecribellate webs

    H. Elettro, F. Vollrath, A. Antkowiak & S. Neukirch

    In preparation (2017)

  3. Fluid-based soft disruption of single-layer graphene induces superflexibility and spontaneous wrinkles

    H. Elettro & F. Melo

    In preparation (2017)

  4. Friction mobilization and gradient-induced enhanced Janssen’s screening in confined granular rafts

    O. Saavedra, H. Elettro & F. Melo

    Submitted to Physical Review Letters (2017)

  5. Anillos_scheme

  6. Drop-on-coilable-fibre systems exhibit negative stiffness events and transitions in coiling morphology

    H. Elettro, S. Neukirch, F. Vollrath & A. Antkowiak

    Soft Matter (2017)

    Open Access PDF FileFront Cover

  7. W4_Figure_7_image4378_retouche-1_and_37_5_tours_retouche

  8. Converting Water Adsorption and Capillary Condensation in Useable Forces with Simple Porous Inorganic Thin Films

    M. Boudot, H. Elettro & D. Grosso

    ACS Nano, 10(11):10031-10040 (2016)

    Open Access PDF File

  9. capillary_condensation_presentation

  10. In-drop capillary spooling of spider capture thread inspires hybrid fibers with mixed solid–liquid mechanical properties

    H. Elettro, S. Neukirch, A.Antkowiak & F. Vollrath

    PNAS, 113(22):6143-6147 (2016)

    Open access PDF FileEditor’s suggestion

  11. W1

  12. Elastocapillary coiling of an elastic rod inside a drop

    H. Elettro, P. Grandgeorge, S. Neukirch

    Journal of Elasticity, 127(2):235-247 (2016)

    Open Access PDF File

  13. W3

  14. Coiling of an elastic beam inside a disk: A model for spider-capture silk

    H. Elettro, S. Neukirch, A.Antkowiak & F. Vollrath

    Int. J. of Non-Linear Mechanics, 75:59–66 (2015)

    Open Access PDF File

  15. W2

  16. Adhesion of dry and wet cribellate silk

    H. Elettro, S. Neukirch, A.Antkowiak & F. Vollrath

    The Science Of Nature, 102(7):1–4 (2015)

    Open Access PDF File

  17. cribellate_adhesion_sketch_test_higher_res

    PhD dissertation

    • Elastocapillary windlass: from spider silk to smart actuators

      H. Elettro, PhD dissertation, defended on 24th july 2015

      Open Access PDF File


    1. Method and device for modifying a characteristic of a wire element, especially the distance separating its two ends (Patent on Capillary Windlass Technology, see PhD work)

      H. Elettro, F. Vollrath, A. Antkowiak & S. Neukirch

      Patent Number FR1453960, 30th April 2014

    Professional Service

    Reviewer for European Physics Letters and Nature Scientific Reports.

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