Welcome dear visitor,

I am a postdoctoral fellow in the field of bio-inspired Soft Matter in the Universidad de Santiago de Chile, with a PhD in Mechanics from Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris, France) as well as 7 years of experience in world-renowned research groups.
I study fluid interfaces in all shapes and scales, experimentally, theoretically and numerically. May they be interacting with deformable structures, confined or evaporating, fluid interfaces hold fascinating potential for technological innovation.
I have considerable experience in scientific technical/grant writing, teaching and outreach activities. I recently obtained the Aguirre-Basualdo Award for best Science PhD and the highly competitive Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant (175,000€).
Feel free to scroll through my various past and future projects !

Jul 2017: Our paper on negative stiffness and coiling morphology in drop-on-coilable fibres has been published as Front Cover of Soft Matter.Cover_Soft_Matter

Jul 2017: Our paper on friction mobilization in confined granular rafts has been submitted.

Jul 2017: Rubén Montecinos joins our group as a M.Sc. student on graphene-assisted encapsulation, with applications in high-resolution imaging of biological objects.

June 2017: Our former M.Sc. student Oscar Saavedra begins a new project on blood rheology at CBS, Montpellier, France under the supervision of Manouk Abkarian. We wish him all the best !

May 2017: Andrés Concha (Universidad Adolfo Ibañez) and I begin a new collaboration, with status of expert consultant on capillary phenomenon and slender structures.

Mar 2017: Intense APS March meeting at New Orleans, Louisiana.

Feb 2017: Starting 1st of January 2018, I will be a Marie Curie Fellow at EPFL in the group of Professor François Gallaire. We will build a transistor-like microfluidics element based on elasto-capillary interactions (175,000€, 2018-2020).


Dec 2016:  I have been awarded the Aguirre-Basualdo prize for best PhD research by the Chancellery of the Universities of Paris.

Nov 2016: I am a finalist for the outreach prize for excellence in scientific research by Le Monde.

Oct 2016: Our paper on energy harvesting using capillary condensation in mesoporous thin films has been accepted in ACS Nano.capillary_condensation_presentation

Apr 2016: Our paper on solid-liquid hybrid inspired from spider silk has been published in PNAS, was selected as Editor’s suggestion and covered by various media, among which

Focus article in Science

Dec 2015: Our paper on theory and 3D simulations of elastocapillary coiling of an elastic rod inside a drop has been published in Journal of Elasticity.


Nov 2015:  I am now a Fondecyt postdoctoral Fellow in Professor Francisco Melo’s group in Santiago de Chile, working on mechanics of monoatomic graphene layers.


Oct 2015: Our paper on theory and numerical simulations of elastocapillary coiling of a rod inside a disk as a model for spider capture silk has been published in International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics.


Sep 2015: Interview for a documentary on bio-inspiration in scientific research “Nature=Future!“.

Jun 2015:  Our paper on mechanisms of spider capture silks’ adhesion has been published in The Science of Nature.


Jul 2014: Our windlass project received the ANR grant (450,000€, 8.7% success rate) for 2014-2018.

Apr 2014: S. Neukirch, A. Antkowiak, F. Vollrath and I received a PICS/CNRS grant to keep developing our international collaborative project on elastocapillarity in spider silk.

Nov 2013: Royal Society travel grant between Paris and Oxford.

Dec 2012: Interview for the popular science program “On n’est pas que des cobayes”.