Welcome dear visitor,

My name is Hervé Elettro and I am a Marie Skłodowska-Curie postdoctoral fellow in the field of bio-inspired Soft Matter in the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL, Switzerland), with Professor François Gallaire.
I study fluid interfaces in all shapes and scales, experimentally, theoretically and numerically. May they be interacting with deformable structures, confined or evaporating, fluid interfaces hold fascinating potential for innovation in numerous industries including pharmaceutics, nanotechnologies and geophysical processes.
I have considerable experience in scientific technical/grant writing, teaching and outreach activities.
Feel free to scroll through my various past and future projects !


Mar 2018: APS March meeting 2018, in Los Angeles, California, promises to be intensely interesting!

Feb 2018: Our paper on the influence of gravity on drop-on-coilable fibres has been accepted in Mechanics Research Communications for a special issue for Gérard Maugin.

Jan 2018: On the 1st of January 2018, I arrived as a Marie Curie Fellow at EPFL in the group of Professor François Gallaire. We will implement deployable structures in microcanals and build a transistor-like microfluidic element (175,000€, 2018-2020). Let the fun begin !


Dec 2017: I am the winner of the Royal Society Publishing Photography Competition 2017 in the micro imaging category (find me at 1:16s in the video below).

Jul 2017: Our paper on negative stiffness and coiling morphology in drop-on-coilable fibres has been published as Front Cover of Soft Matter.Cover_Soft_Matter

Jul 2017: Our paper on friction mobilization in confined granular rafts has been submitted.

Jul 2017: Rubén Montecinos joins our group as a M.Sc. student on graphene-assisted encapsulation, with applications in high-resolution imaging of biological objects.

June 2017: Our former M.Sc. student Oscar Saavedra begins a new project on blood rheology at CBS, Montpellier, France under the supervision of Manouk Abkarian. We wish him all the best !

May 2017: A new collaboration with Andrés Concha (Universidad Adolfo Ibañez, Chile) begins, on capillary phenomenon and soft structure mechanics.

Mar 2017: Intense APS March meeting at New Orleans, Louisiana.

Dec 2016:  I have been awarded the Aguirre-Basualdo prize for best PhD research by the Chancellery of the Universities of Paris.

Nov 2016: I am a finalist for the outreach prize for excellence in scientific research by Le Monde.

Oct 2016: Our paper on energy harvesting using capillary condensation in mesoporous thin films has been accepted in ACS Nano.capillary_condensation_presentation

Apr 2016: Our paper on solid-liquid composites inspired from spider silk has been published in PNAS, was selected as Editor’s suggestion and covered by various media, among which

Focus article in Science

Dec 2015: Our paper on theory and 3D simulations of elastocapillary coiling of an elastic rod inside a drop has been published in Journal of Elasticity.


Nov 2015:  I am now a Fondecyt postdoctoral Fellow in Professor Francisco Melo’s group in Santiago de Chile, working on mechanics of monoatomic graphene layers.


Oct 2015: Our paper on theory and numerical simulations of elastocapillary coiling of a rod inside a disk as a model for spider capture silk has been published in International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics.


Sep 2015: Interview for a documentary on bio-inspiration in scientific research “Nature=Future!“.

Jun 2015:  Our paper on mechanisms of spider capture silks’ adhesion has been published in The Science of Nature.


Jul 2014: Our windlass project received an ANR grant (450,000€, 8.7% success rate) for 2014-2018.

Apr 2014: S. Neukirch, A. Antkowiak, F. Vollrath and I received a PICS/CNRS grant to keep developing our international collaborative project on elastocapillarity in spider silk.

Nov 2013: Royal Society travel grant between Paris and Oxford (12,000 £).

Dec 2012: Interview for the popular science program “On n’est pas que des cobayes”.